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Barrington Boat Club provides all the luxury and leisure of boat life without the hassles of owning a boat. Members have access to our entire fleet of boats, and simply make a reservation when they want to go boating. A limited number of memberships ensure you have great access to boats, when and where you want to enjoy the water.

Now Offering 3 Launch Locations!

You can enjoy boating just minutes from home. Our three launch locations provide the perfect mix of boating experiences along with easy parking and a short commute to and from your home.

  • Port Barrington on the Lower Fox River: The perfect port for a sunset cruise or visiting local restaurants along the river.
  • Wauconda on Bangs Lake: Ideal for cruising, fishing, swimming and watersports.
  • McHenry on the upper Fox River and Chain of Lakes: Explore a wide variety of lakes, restaurants, and sandbars.

All the Perks of Owning a Boat Without the Hassle

Love boating, but don’t want the long-term commitment, cost, and hassle of purchase, transport, storage, maintenance, and insurance? Becoming a member makes the boating lifestyle a stress-free and luxurious reality. New to boating? No worries! We will make sure you feel confident on the water.  We provide all new members with quality training sessions, as well as group events to advance your captain or crew skills while enjoying some fun on the water with fellow members.

It’s like having your own fleet of boats and a personal valet to take care of the details!

Boating Made Simple – Just Reserve and Go!

Just reserve the boat of your choice and go! Feel like using a pontoon? Members can float down the river on a Pontoon or cruise along in a sporty ski boat. Barrington Boat Club makes it easy to enjoy more days on the water, with unlimited opportunities to float, entertain, ski, and enjoy family on whatever boat you like. Life is simply better on the water!

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Call us at 847-380-5488

Boat Club Locations

Port Barrington, Illinois

McHenry, Illinois

Wauconda, Illinois

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